Gutter Cleaning in Surrey

We offer gutter cleaning & power washing in Surrey and across London and the South East of England.

Gutters can become blocked for a variety of reasons but by surveying your building and using specialist camera equipment, our team of cleaning agents can investigate blockages or possible damage. To unblock and clean gutters, we use the very latest cleaning equipment with a HD Camera facility which our operatives can view and clean safely from the ground.

Property Management?

Whether you need periodical cleaning to gutters, entrances, carpets or windows in common areas or you require a one-off service to keep your property clean and safe, we can help.


Burke and Clemens have been a partner of Ricoh UK and associated companies for over ten years providing consistent quality to its offices across the Country. I have worked within the FM industry for over thirty years and have learnt to look at providing three values above all others, service, quality, and value for money as the three major objectives to maintaining the level of service that FMs aspire to deliver on behalf of their businesses. Burke and Clemens have continued to deliver all three by remaining innovative and proactive in their management style giving great support whenever needed in daily and annual cleaning of offices, periodical cleaning and supporting our New Way of Working rollout of 15 offices across the country.

The Ricoh Company, Ltd.